Our Team

Facilitator Staff

Karla Mason
Suzan Boyd
Melanie Hatcher
Kenny Carswell
Lou Ann Silva
Butch Ginn
Donna Ginn
Daniella Goodrich
Fran Kelly
Mika Cox
Jackie Price
Alex Crean
Debbie Kennedy
Pam Carswell
Morgan Crean
Chris Leotis

Interns + Apprentices

Jessica Oswald
Jessica Page
Drew Mobley
Faye Benson
Pam Woodcock

Special Task Force

Joe Taylor
Ronnie Lemond

Our Board of Directors

Karla Mason
Executive Director
Karla has been involved with Living Well Ministries since 2003 and an educator for over 30 years. At Living Well, she is able to combine her love of teaching with her passion for soul healing.
Donna Ginn
Associate Director
Donna joined the Living Well staff in 2008. She has a Bachelors's in Theology and a Ph.D. in Christian Counseling. She and her husband attend Coastal Worship Center.
Suzan Boyd
Vice President of RGL Associates. She currently attends St Simons Community Church and has two children and seven grandchildren.
Robert (Butch) Ginn
Member at Large
Butch is a retired businessman and minister with a Masters in Theology. He attends Coastal Worship Center in Darien, Georgia, and has four beautiful grandchildren.
Kenneth Carswell
Member at Large
Kenneth has been active in Living Well since 2016. He and his wife Pam live in Jesup, Ga where Kenneth has practiced law since 1981. They attend First United Methodist Church in Jesup.
Pam Carswell
Member at Large
Pam has been involved with Living Well since 2016. As a mother of two and grandmother of two, she enjoys pouring principles of healthy love into others every day. She and her husband, Kenneth, attend First United Methodist Church in Jesup, Georgia.
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